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Introducing Working Drones

An Australian First Australia Wide:
Window & Facade Cleaning Certification from CASA

Introducing Famaso’s innovative drone-based cleaning technology – the future of high cleaning. Our cutting-edge drone cleaning service offer unparalleled precision, efficiency, and safety, making it possible to reach areas that cannot be accessed with traditional methods. With advanced maneuverability and versatility, our drones provide a safer and more effective approach to cleaning, revolutionising the cleaning industry. Say goodbye to limitations and embrace the future with Famaso.

An Australian-first Australia-wide

CASA Certified Drone Window and Facade Cleaning

Combining innovative thinking, risk elimination, strong compliance, cost savings and efficiency, Famaso is proud to offer Australia’s first Australia wide National CASA-certified drone window cleaning service.

Due to the inherent risk and complexity and danger associated with height, design and location of many apartment blocks, office developments and commercial properties, it can be risky, time-consuming and expensive to keep on top of regular maintenance.

Famaso, partnering with KTV Working Drone Norway, is the first to properly commercialise the use of drones to provide alternate solutions for building maintenance, offering our clients safe, efficient solutions for exterior and window cleaning. And we can’t wait for you to experience it for yourself.

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Business and Innovation Grants

Famaso stood out among 24,000 businesses across Australia, becoming a State Finalist for Telstra’s 2022 Best of Business Award. Additionally, we were the proud recipients of Business Victoria’s Technology Adoption and Innovation Program (TAIP) grant from the Department of Jobs, Precincts, and Regions of the State of Victoria in 2021.

Working smarter by continually optimising

At Famaso, innovation goes beyond achieving unique, cost-effective outcomes while maintaining quality and safety. It involves developing cutting-edge capabilities and pioneering new methods to learn from the past, enhance our previous accomplishments, and continuously improve.

We are proud to be the first in the industry to adopt FM Farm, a SaaS compliance automation and job management platform tailored for the facilities management sector. This distinguishes us from competitors and generates mutual benefits for service providers, contractors, and clients.

Since its introduction, both our clients and team have experienced the advantages of FM Farm’s streamlined processes, increased efficiency, and significant time savings across all aspects of our business workflow.

Innovating a digital future

FM Farm assists facilities managers in comprehensively managing maintenance and cleaning tasks while fulfilling compliance and documentation requirements, including:








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